Progress so far…

My son spent the weekend working on the body of the robot, while Peter worked on wiring up the brains, and I pondered control for the RC tasks. My daughter tried to convince my son that she should be allowed to put glitter on his Lego 😂..

The body at this stage uses a Lego IR receiver to control the motors; obviously that will be replaced by the “brains” (i.e. Raspberry pi) when my husband’s work is complete. At that stage, we’ll need some other means of remote control… much debate is ongoing about what this should be. I’m inclined to replicate the Lego IR controls for a touch screen interface (phone or tablet) and drive it that way, but an alternative would be to use a bluetooth Joystick (or similar) controller. We’ll have to sort that out soon.

The photos above show the first and second iterations of the body. Presented with #1 on Saturday morning, my immediate reaction was that it was too wide. After much protesting from my son that it was fine, it fit inside the maximum (just) and it would be “impossible” to shrink it, he came up with #2 on Sunday – about 2/3 the width of #1, and much more manoeuvrable. Still got some problems with gearing though, and it’s a bit slow. We might need bigger motors (but then it’ll grow again!).


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