Things are looking brighter!

So, turns out that the problems with connecting brains and body weren’t as serious as I at first thought. Not a hardware problem, just a specification problem. Once the pins were properly set up, motors run quite nicely. PS3 controller isn’t talking to it yet, but that’s a problem that can be overcome.

I took some nice close-up pics of the brain, but husband has suddenly become precious about it, so I won’t post them just yet. Instead I offer you what I did when I took a break from the robot: put together my pi zero (that I got free with my subscription to the PiMag) and the pibow case and unicorn hat that I couldn’t resist purchasing from Pimoroni to complement it. First time I’ve soldered anything in many years, and my biggest discovery was that neither my regular glasses nor my reading glasses were really suitable for the job. I was happy with the result though. And it might actually be used as part of the glitter on our robot 🙂


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