Not just Glitterator this weekend

Well, this weekend was the start of half term for the children, but unfortunately for me, no such break (in fact I’m even busier than usual at work this week, hence the later-than-usual blog post). We also didn’t spend so much time on Glitterator this weekend because on Saturday, my son and I went to Derby Mini Makers Faire. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and came home thoroughly exhausted.

First thing we saw when we walked into the marquee was a giant pi-driven space invaders game. My son had been playing the same game on his desktop pi only a couple of hours earlier. And right beside was the pi-noon competition, with pi zero driven robots to play the balloon popping challenge. The PS3 controllers were configured differently to our set up, which was confusing at first, but in the end the challenge was mastered and balloons popped. Other highlights from my son’s perspective were Chompalot (complete with autographed hole from Shunt), the rocket car race, and the pi-driven musical tesla coils.

I saw much that I loved, but my highlight was meeting some of the folks from Pimoroni, and coming home with some of their loot. What’s in the bag? You’ll have to wait and see, because I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. Something to make Glitterator glitter though 🙂

On Sunday we did a little bit of work with the robot, trying to get the controller to be more responsive by tweaking delays, but unfortunately I ended up having to spend much of the day doing what should have been weekday work.

In the mean time, my husband has become rather obsessed with the idea of adding suspension to our chassis. I’m not convinced that this is a good idea – I’m a big fan of “keep it simple, silly” – but that’s what he’ll be working on with my son this half term. I’m hoping this week that our replacement line follower will be delivered (yes, we managed to fry one… but I’ve ordered 5 this time!), so we can continue on that code next weekend. We’ve also got the camera ready for attachment, so can think about what we might do with that. Oh, and husband wants to attach a speaker too… I don’t think we’ll manage much in the way of volume though.


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