Glittery goodness

So I woke up on Wednesday to depressing news on the other side of the pond, and decided that to cheer myself up, I’d put together the Mote complete kit that I picked up from the Pimoroni stand at Derby Mini Maker Faire a couple of weeks back. The day only got worse though, because I opened the kit to find the wrong type of cables included! Thankfully, Pimoroni showed their usual brilliant customer service, and sent me out replacements in time for the weekend. So I had a fun time putting them together and running them off my Pi zero on Sunday. Pretty rainbows 🙂 Ultimately, the Motes at least will be on Glitterator. It remains to be seen whether we’ll also include the pi zero and unicorn pHAT.

So prior to that, I spent a lot of time on Saturday trying to figure out why the motors on our bot had stopped running. After much frustration, and eventual debugging my multimeter, it turns out that two magic lines of code had disappeared from our motor driver code. These two magic lines were the one that put the controllers to standby! Anyway, once fixed (and committed to GitHub!) we were able to play with our line following code. It sort of works 😊  However at the moment, it’s a bit too enthusiastic when it finds a nice straight stretch, and tends to run off the end. Work is in progress to correct this 🙂

I’ve also managed to get a set up in my office so that I can work on Pi stuff. Not really for Glitterator –img_20161114_114102915 I have a couple of final year Computer Science students working on Raspberry Pi based projects – but I can work on it a bit here if I want. I can’t take the Lego base to work though, so instead I have a CamJam EduKit Robotics robot here. I’ve set it up so that although it has its own motor driver code, it otherwise uses the same code as the Lego robot. And it looks cool when my students come to visit 🙂

Anyway, what time I have to work on Glitterator this week will be spent ironing out the line following code… but first, work calls. Writing questions for exams is even worse than sitting exams!


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