Slow progress


Well, we’ve made slow progress over the last few weeks due to various other activities (including my son’s first soldering attempt – a pocketmoneytronics Christmas tree). But with the Manchester Raspberry Jam on Saturday, I had hoped to make some progress. Of course things didn’t go as planned though 🙂

This time, my littlest (6yo) came along with me. I wasn’t sure how that would go, as she’s not really been that keen on the project (despite officially being part of our team) up until now. Eldest was off getting extremely muddy playing paintball with his friends. As you can see from this photo, I didn’t have our Lego robot with us, just a CamJam EduKit one. I’ve designed our software so that other than motor drivers, we can run the same software (higher level control) on both robots. I’ve modified the CamJam robot so that it has three line sensors like our Lego one. So the plan was to iron the kinks out of our line following software.

However… this was the busiest I’ve seen Manchester Raspberry Jam. There wasn’t a free station, and a lot of new visitors. I spent quite a bit of time chatting to the newcomers, and showing them how to set up a Raspberry Pi. And quite a few children ended up playing games on the robot Raspberry Pi instead of me coding! (My daughter here in this image.)

We also had a raffle, with heaps of great prizes. I was very happy to come away with a Pi Zero, and my daughter was very happy to have some Raspberry Pi logo balloons. My daughter didn’t get heavily involved in things, but spent a lot of time looking. But the big win for me was that as we left, she declared that next time she wants to do some of the electronics tutorials. I wasn’t even sure that she would want to come again, but to want to come again and get involved is a big win as far as I’m concerned. So here’s to hoping she gets involved more with Glitterator too 🙂


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