Some success!

Well, after writing yesterday’s blog post, we spent most of the day working on the line following. This started with me debugging the truth table logic that Peter and Angus had attempted to implement, and also converting our kill button to an event-driven model (similar to the line sensors). Why on earth I hadn’t already done the button as event-driven I do not know: it makes even more sense for this to be event-driven!

In the process, Angus’s rough handling led to yet another line sensor becoming disconnected, so the soldering iron came out, but by mid-afternoon, we had some success:

It wasn’t all beautiful though, as can be seen on our more complicated course:

I think there are two issues here: first, the events are not being processed quickly enough, leading to lagging responses. Second, something is causing a power dip, which leads to the Pi rebooting. So two things to look at now… along with attaching our sensors and programming for other challenges!

Oh, and our cat thinks that the boundaries we have set for her are somewhat arbitrary, but fit quite well:



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