Temperature control

After posting my update yesterday, I realised that there was one thing that I forgot to mention: our OKI-78SR-5 switching voltage regulator arrived last week, and replaced the old voltage regulator in Glitterator. Oh how I wish I had pushed harder for this earlier on! It has made such a difference to the performance of the robot. Not only does it not overheat, the battery life is massively better. No longer dissipating all that power as heat!

Now we are getting hot motors, but hopefully we won’t fry them!


2 thoughts on “Temperature control

  1. Hi Emma, That’s great news and something I looked into quite a bit too. One thing I was looking out for when getting a regulator was the max current output and voltage input. Not sure what batteries you’re using but if they’re 9v you might want to make sure they’re topped up regularly as the regulator needs at lest 7v… Also your max current output is 1.5A (recommended 2A for RPi3) at times of intense usage it might cause issues with GPIOpins or software. (if you’re got two Pis connected to the reg you’re doubling the current of course)

    I learnt a few things recently on how to conserve power if you need it:
    * don’t overclock
    * hdmi turned off
    * do not boot to desktop/pixel (which it might be doing even if you’re not using it)
    * turn off any components not used including sensors when not needed (and inc. USB, etc)
    * don’t run software/daemons etc that aren’t needed (soaking up current from CPU usage).

    I was going to blog about this but haven’t need to change anything yet 🙂


    1. Thanks Tom.
      Yup, aware of the current issue, but it doesn’t seem to be causing a problem. We are planning to have a separate pi zero to run the light show, but it will have its own power supply (cos the lights need it really anyway). We’ve got 3*3.7V batteries in series, which cut out if any one of them drop below 3V, so we should never hit the 7V problem. And yes, cutting out all the spurious processes is a good move. We haven’t done it yet, as still doing a lot of switching between pixel-based coding and test driving, but will do so this weekend.

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