I wasn’t going to post again this weekend, but…

I was so happy with our achievements today! You may have noticed that in the maze navigation video we posted yesterday, we had a few wall touches. We started the day by tweaking parameters, and now we get much better clearance of the maze.

And then it was on to the lights… we essentially needed to get everything else sorted out before we could work out where they would be attached. In the end, we’ve decided to go with a layer on the top of the Pi casing, and strips along each of the tracks. The strip on the left side will need to come off for the maze, because the sensors will need to be there then.

We do have the potential to drive four sets of LEDs with the Mote phat, but at this stage at least, we think we’ll stick to these three. The challenge then was to build the layer for the top from the strips we had. So… 4 strips of LEDs, 12 pieces of wire, plus the butchered USB cable to connect.


If nothing else, my soldering skills have improved through this competition! Anyway, fully expecting an error, I put it together piece by piece, testing each bit as I went. And when I got to the third piece, I encountered a problem. Each piece had 6 LEDs, so 3 pieces = 18 LEDs. At at that point, only 16 would light up! This happens to be the number of LEDs on a Mote stick, so I had a good idea what the problem was. A quick look at the Mote phat driver code confirmed that indeed this limit was coded in, but it was an easy change to reset it and reinstall the driver. And then it all worked, without having to do any re-soldering! And then we had to have a test drive:

So with that done, we decided to take a break, and headed off to the pub for a team photo 🙂

We’ll fiddle with our lights through the week, and I plan to test the straight line speed test early tomorrow morning in a corridor at work – we simply don’t have a long enough straight at home! We’re happy though – Pi Wars, here we come!


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