Sheesh! I just can’t stop writing

I know, I said two (or was it three?) posts ago that I wasn’t going to post an update until just before the competition, but I need to share this too.

I took Glitterator into work this morning, because I wanted to test it in a long corridor before the crowds arrived, so 8am saw me running it down the wall, and while it’s not quite straight (in fact it looks rather drunk!), it does manage to avoid the wall, so I think we’ll complete that course, although maybe not with the best of times.

And since I had it with me anyway, I decided to take it along to my lecture to show my students today. Now robotics doesn’t really have anything much to do with the topic of that lecture – it was the final lecture in a unit on programming languages and compilers, a core unit for all Computer Science students – but just before that lecture, they’d all been sent an email promoting the PGCE in teaching. I used the robot as a way of promoting student engagement and making IT/programming exciting, and there certainly was some interest. I also directed them to this blog, so we’ll see if any leave comments 😉


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